Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Okay okay people... hehe

Here they are, FINALLY! More babies!!!


Elizabeth said...

I LOVE THAT LAST PICTURE! Of course I love all of them, but seriously how cute is that?!?

Steven & Mindy Raisor said...

Man he looks like he is getting BIG! I can't believe he is 2 months already! Crazy how time flies when there is a baby around!

TK said...

Finally! I've been waiting for these. #6 and #10 are my favorites, though that last one (with the lipstick) is pretty cute, too (not that they aren't ALL cute). #6 looks so like a little boy (not just a 'baby') - so cute. And #10, if only his pointer finger were pointing, you could put a caption under the picture: "Uncle Sam wants YOU!" (have you ever seen those pictures of the old WWII posters?)