Thursday, October 11, 2007

A video and pics for "y'all"

Click this to see our little Laughing Buddha


Steven & Mindy Raisor said...

We love the video! He is so dang cute! It's so fun to hear him laugh. It's almost like we are there!

Elizabeth said...

I meant to say something a long time ago, but that is SOOOO cute! I was over at Mark and Janel's tonight because it was Cade's 11th birthday, and Aunt Dianne, Janel and I watched the video. We all agree, he is incredibly handsome!

Breezy said...

That is one cute baby you got there. I am Janel Lmabs little sister Brianna Nice to meet ya!

Balizane said...

I love the video! Too cute!

also i changed my blog.... to a different address..

just fyi